Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of these surveys?
Why do we need population estimates?
Why do you require us to complete these surveys by July 21, 2024?
What if I missed the deadline?
Will we be able to review the population estimates for our jurisdiction before they are certified?
When will the 2020 Census counts be incorporated in the population estimates?
What are the Procedures and Deadlines for Meeting Obligations?

Boundary and Annexation Survey

What is the purpose of this survey?
How do you define an annexation?
We have an annexation that is on appeal. Do we include it?
How do you define a boundary change?
How do you define a detachment?
Do I have to report just the annexations/detachments that contain population?
How do I handle an annexation with a large number of houses/people?
I forgot to include an annexation/detachment in a previous submission, what do I do?
Do I have to include an annexation prior to 2020?
Do I need to send you the city ordinance?
Do I need to count the number of people and housing units located within the annexation?
We do not have a boundary and annexation survey, what do we do?
What does certifying the survey mean?

New Residential Construction and Mobile Home Survey

What is the purpose of this survey?
Should I use building permits or certificates of occupancy?
My county issues building permits/certificates of occupancy on behalf of our municipality, do I need to report the data for our municipality?
Do I count modular homes?
My jurisdiction classifies multi-family structures (e.g. apartment buildings) as commercial property. What do I do?
Do I include permits for remodeling, repair or additions?
Do I count seasonal homes?
Do I count mobile homes?
What is considered a mobile home?
What does certifying the survey mean?

Group Quarter Survey

What is the purpose of the Group Quarters Survey?
What do you mean by “Group Quarters”?
I am reviewing my previous survey and the facility type codes do not match this year’s survey. Is there an error?
All of the Group Quarters facilities in my jurisdiction either have population numbers listed or **** in the field. Do I need to do anything?
I have a facility listed that has a blank in the July 2024 field. What do I do?
Are facilities required to provide population counts for their facilities?
Do I include house parents in the group quarters population?
We do not have a group quarters survey, what do we do?
Why is our jail not listed in your survey?
Is an assisted living facility a group quarters facility?
What does certifying the Group Quarters survey mean?

About North Carolina population estimates and projections

The annual certified population estimates for municipalities and counties are used in the distribution of shared revenues to local governments. The July 1, 2022 certified population estimates are available now. The 2023 certified population estimates will be available in September 2024.

About the surveys

The North Carolina Demographic Survey (NCDS) is an online tool for the collection of local information critical to the production of municipal and county population estimates and projections. Three broad areas of information are collected through this survey including: (1) a group quarters population survey; (2) the new residential construction and mobile home survey; and (3) a municipal annexation survey (for municipalities only). This tool is only accessible to authorized users.

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